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Browser extension that
automatically skips ads

AdSkipper is browser extension that automatically skips in video ads on websites. It works silently in background without disturbing your flow. No need to wait those 5 seconds for the skip button to show up. Just install it and forget about it.

AdSkipper doesn't block ads, but rather skips them, so websites cannot detect it that easy, as if it were just a regular ad blocker.

I wouldn't recommend using adblocker of any type on YouTube because they might flag you, and then you will need to change browser. Disable ad blocker on YouTube, and let my extension do the rest.


If you are getting "Ad blocker detected", that is because you have/had adblocker and they flagged your browser. Try disabling your adblocker, clearing cache, reopen your browser and then it should work. If it doesn't I am afraid they won't let you open youtube no matter what, and then my extension won't work, so you might need to change your browser.
Make sure to reopen your tab or browser after installing the extension.

Click on your browser below to install it

*click on Chromium if your browser is Chromium based but not on the list above

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